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Visual Cath Report

Ionosoft's Visual Cath Report, VCR for short, offers a radical advancement in cardiac catheterization reporting and coronary diagramming. Unlike other cath report tools which rely on a limited choice of templates composed of static images, VCR employs a dynamic graphical interface through which users create their own desired coronary representation by placing and adjusting flexible graphics of coronary vessels, grafts, aberrations, and medical artifacts on the stage.

VCR has virtually no learning curve. The methods used to generate a diagram and report are as simple and intuitive as (and not entirely unlike) drawing, playing with blocks, or modeling in clay. The user simply drags items to the diagram and/or manipulates the diagram elements via dragging, curving, stretching, and positioning.

VCR internally evaluates and recognizes all graphical objects present on its stage, and identifies each of them according to cardiological standards. When manipulation of the diagram causes any object's represented anatomical identity to change, VCR internally and automatically recognizes the new identity of that object and of any objects whose identities are dependent on it.

To generate a complete, natural language cath report, the user need do no more than create a diagram. VCR automatically translates the attributes of the coronary diagram (including comments and edits) into a fully formatted report that is both anatomically and grammatically accurate. The report is generated in real time during the session.

Sample Report